handmade natural calendula soaps, creams, ointments and balms

"I have a tub of your Calendula Ointment and I use it on everyone and everything and it works a treat.  

It even fixed our dog.  She is a pig hunting dog and years ago got a pig tusk through her leg.  My partner battled the wound for years and it left a nasty scar that repeatedly got infected.  Nothing would heal it, not even from the vets.  

Now four months on it is healed and the hair has grown back.  My partner is amazed.  That is just one of the many amazing things your cream has done. Thanks for a product that clears up so many skin issues,"  Jenna Fisher.

Read more  testimonials of customers (including animals) who have found relief using our Calendula Ointment.

Calendula Ointment comes in various sizes.

Hand and Heel Balm

Heavy-duty hand & heel balm for seriously cracked hands and heels.

"I have suffered from seriously cracked heels for years but after using your Hand & Heel Balm they are now smooth and the best they have ever been," Bernadette Schrader, Te Awamutu.

Shaving Soap

No more dry skin or shaving rash.  This shaving soap leaves your skin feeling moisturised. Available with or without the shaving brush.

"The best shaving soap around.  My skin has never felt better and it doesn't clog the razor,"  Frank Fieten, Te Awamutu.


Homegrown calendula infused oil (no sprays used).  We have had some amazing results with our high quality calendula oil.

Can be used on eczema, psoriasis, rashes, or as a 'belly oil' to help prevent stretch marks.

Calendula flowers at Infused with Nature's garden

Owner of Infused with Nature, Pauline gets a lot of satisfaction from developing her recipes, knowing she is helping people to cope with debilitating skin problems.  Pauline chose to grow and use Calendula because of its remarkable healing properties, it is reputed to have anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antifungal properties, which promote the speedy healing of wounds.

"Calendula is one of the best herbs for the skin in my opinion. That is why I chose to grow and make Calendula-based products. The Calendula Ointment is our best seller and it's really satisfying receiving comments from people saying how much their skin has improved after using it."

Lip Balm & Travel Balm
All you need for skin care and repair when travelling. Highly moisturising Lip Balm.  Travel Balm can be used on dry skin, blisters, cuts, grazes, insect bites and rashes.  100% natural.
Lip Balm and Travel Balm in an organza bag.