the salt room

Salt room therapy originated in Eastern Europe.  The patient sits in a room of salt blocks which were mined 300 metres below the ground in caves in the Ukraine.  The treatment originated from when miners reported significant relief and even cure of bronchial diseases while in the mines.  The air in the salt room is permeated with negative ions, which clear the phlegm and purify the lungs.  The salt also facilitates secretion of sputum.

 During the course of treatment the patient sits in the salt room for an hour, twice a week for seven weeks.  After that the room is used according to need for preventative treatment.

According to the family, the salt room provided an immediate improvement in her child's condition.  "Our son was rushed to the salt room in the height of a difficult asthma attack," the mother said.  "Following the first treatment, the need for inhalations stopped."

Of course this is an extreme example of how salt lamps apparently work.  We have reports from customers about the effectiveness of these lamps.  They also look great too.